Medical Care Units

These units have been designed and developed with a focus on short production times, to allow for rapid deployment. During these unknown times the world needs to come together to solve this. 

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Utilising standard 20ft and 40ft containers we have produced twenty one unit, variations designed to meet a range of challenges in the current climate. Our choice of materials and processes' allow for numerous benefits including:

Build Speed: Through the use of containers and our innovative production facility we can quickly scale and meet demand
Reduced cost: Utilising prefabrication techniques and economies of scale allow for costs to be heavily reduced

Quick Deployment: Units require minimal setup and can be deployed in 30 mins

Flexibility: All units are portable and can be easily moved to different locations or alternating layouts. Units can be stacked and stored for future use

Logistics: With units sizing meeting global standards, units can easily be transported via roads with minimal to no disruption 

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