Modular Construction

Modular and Prefabrication has made leaps and bounds. Shifting many aspects of the construction away from the traditional onsite to offsite lean manufacturing process. Proving that in most cases modular can be done cheaper, quicker and in an eco-friendlier and more sustainable way compared to traditional construction.  Not to mention debunking myths that assume modular construction is restrictive and lacks flexibility. 


The two main differences between modular and traditional construction lies in the process. Where the latter is performed in a linear course and in a variable environment. Prefabrication work is performed in parallel approach inside a factory where it is protected from external variables. This process means that projects can be completed in much more efficient manner, at times construction can be reduced by 70%.

modDsys is able to deliver solutions to a variety of sectors. Turning out projects to suit all needs and requirements. 


Residential - Housing, villas, apartments, Lodges, additional dwelling units, residential buildings


Hospitality - Complete hotel pods, restaurants / cafes, resorts 


Government - Schools, healthcare, prisons


Other - Bathroom pods, kitchen Pods, Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing systems 


Industrial - Mining, agriculture


Commercial - Storefronts, shopping malls