Smart Disinfection Units

Our fully automated range of Smart Disinfecting Systems provides your establishment with a quick and ongoing disinfection solution:
- Malls

- Hospitals
- Hotels
- Supermarkets
- Airports
- Shops
- PublicTransport
Our product range has been designed to comply with all local cleaning and disinfection guidelines.
Not only safe for human and environmentally.friendly, SDS provide a quick 360 disinfection.

Dis Unit.png

Zero-Contact Temperature Monitor 

Under 10 seconds to Disinfect 

100% Environmentally and Human Friendly

Ultrasonic Atomised Solution Spray Nozzles

Start and Stop Indicator Lights

Compact and Portable 

Under 10 Seconds to Disinfect 

Zero Contact Temperature Monitor 

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- Prevent Covid19 spread
- Customisation available
- High quality materials 
- One piece structure

- Fully automated

- Touch free

- 100% natural disinfectant 
- 100% safe for the environment & human use
- In and out in under 10 seconds 
- Non-drop atomizer nozzles 

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