Modular Construction

What We Do

modDsys provides modular and container conversion solutions to a multitude of sectors. Priding itself on its flexibility and solution orientated nature. Through this prefabrication process and utilizing modDsys’s innovative production facility costs are reduced, and timelines are greatly shortened versus traditional construction methods. Our systems and process allows modDsys to deliver each project to exact requirement of local codes, be it in USA, EU, Australia or South east Asia.


modDsys as part of esadore International Investment has a pool of companies that provide various key services in the process of any project. These services allow us the ability to provide flexibility to our clients, ensuring a seamless process. 

Design Container.png

The client appoints AOR and works with modDsys Design Services including the following disciplines. 

  • Concept development 

  • Architectural design,

  • Conversion from traditional build to modular systems, 

  • Engineering of building Structure 

  • Modular MEP Engineering

Design & Manu.png

modDsys is appointed to work with appointed AOR by the client in providing full design of project and upon approvals manufactures the modular pods which are then passed on to the main contractor for installation. While modDsys will provide modular pods for installation by others, an engineer will be at site at all times from modDsys for support and supervision.  

Full Service A to Z
Full service.png

modDsys is appointed as full turnkey service provider. modDsys will provide AOR, full design of the project, project management, manufacturing of the mods, logistical support and shipment of item to site. 

Main contractor works on site prior shipping of the Modular, full installation and TOC of project