Modular Construction

Why Modular

Modular and Prefabrication has made leaps and bounds recently. Proving that modular can be done cheaper, quicker and in an eco-friendlier and more sustainable way compared to traditional construction.  Not to mention debunking myths that assume modular construction is restrictive and lacks flexibility. However, anything can be designed and built in a modular fashion from skyscrapers and hotels to schools and hospitals.


The two main differences between modular and traditional construction lies in the process. Where the latter is performed in a linear course and in a variable environment. Prefabrication work is performed in parallel approach inside a factory where it is protected from external variables. This process means that projects can be completed in much more efficient manner, at times construction can be reduced up to 50%.

Quick Return on ROI

Modular and prefabrication techniques allow for a very streamlined and efficient approach to the projects as opposed to a traditional linear method. This approach can reduce project timelines up to 50%. Pushing your project to market much quicker. 

Improved Quality 

Because up to 90% of the project is completed offsite, which removes 100% of the variables and issues that come with traditional job sites and every aspect of the build is meticulously checked, modDsys is able to deliver precision quality on all aspects of the project.  

Cost Effective 

Through the use of parallel building systems, economies of scale and  reduced wastage of materials we are able to greatly minimise costs 


modDsys is dedicated to reducing its footprint throughout all aspects of the construction process. Through the use of out expert techniques and efficiencies we are able to significantly reduce our waste output and energy usage. 


modDsys is able to offer endless options and solutions to suit all projects and industries. From mass residential through to medical disinfection units. All of which can be completely customised.

Minimal Impact 

With a huge percentage of the project completed away from the site, schools and businesses can continue running as normal with no interruptions

Why Container

Shipping Containers, the sister to modular and prefab construction. Are already produced in a modular fashion. They are built to be mobile, handle the elements and stand the test of time. With greatly reduced build times, a huge amount of flexibility and absolutely no sacrifice on quality container conversions are a fantastic choice for any solution.